Updates history

5WK90322 1429861 1740497 1706153 DME M41 BMW 528 2.8i 1997Y ATgearbox IMMOOFF FLASH

5WK90322 1429861 MS41 BMW E39 2.5i 28f200 FLASH

5WK90322 1429861 MS41 BMW E39 2.5i IMMOOFF 28f200 FLASH

5WK9037 7500255 1429764 7504247 MS42 BMW E46 2.8i 1999y MTgearbox FLASH

5WK9037 7500255 7502639 01100C6010000 MS42 BMW E39 2.0i MTgearbox 29f400 FLASH

5WK91130 7587164 9QKMI2 MSV80 BMW 528i 172kW 2008 ATgearbox ORI+E2 kess OBD

5WK93012 CA456L0B MS45 BMW 745 FULL

5WK93012 CA456L0B MS45 BMW 745 ORI+E2 FULL

5WK93015 7527015 MS45.1 BMW BDM FULL

5WK93016 CA456L0B MS45 BMW X3 2.5 2004 ATgearbox BDM100 FULL

5WK93016 CA456L0B MS45 BMW X3 2.5 2004 ATgearbox ORI+E2 TUN BDM100 FULL

5WK93019 7541336 MS45.1 BMW E60 2.5i manual 2005 FULL

5WK9315 7832785 MSS52 BMW M5 FLASH

5WK9319 7833284 DME MSS54 BMW 3 E46 m3 3.2i 252kw FLASH

5WK9326 7835564 SIEMENS BMW E46 M3 MSS54 FLASH

5WK9332 7836454 BMW E46 M3 2005Y CABRIO FLASH

5WK93642 0044DC0I960SIBA1S MSD80 BMW 525 3.0I 2008Y ATgearbox FLEX BENCH FULL

5WK93643 7583225 8672565 7583254 7558349 7583257 MSD80.2 BMW E81 1.6i 90kW N43 MTgearbox BENCH FULL

5WK93651 0044DC0I960SVBF4S 4180058417A00E0183060010240EE000 MSD80 BMW E60 525i 2.5I 160KW ATgearbox BENCH FLASH

5WK9369 7839211 577907602 MSS65 61.35694383501 BMW M6 5.0i 2007Y LEFT RIGHT CAS3 FULL

5WK9369 7839211 577907602 MSS65 BMW M6 5.0i 2007Y LEFT RIGHT FULL

5WK98084 07561684 07563567 07563568 9PP90L MSV70 BMW E60 ORI+E2 noEVAP kess FLASH

6950502 SZL BMW E60 3L40K XPROG FULL

6955926 Sun roof modul BMW E61 9s12 XPROG FULL

7578020 5WK93632 MSD80 BMW5 E60 E61 2.5i 2007Y ATgearbox FULL

7592080 5WK93724 MSD81 FLASH+CAS3 MC9S12XDP512 FULL

9G4LDNX4 10SW017243 MEVD17.2.9 BMW F26 X4 2.0I FLASH

9VT9E60B 9E6LBDX5 MEVD17.2.P-N20-Mo-B20-U0-F010-EU6-HGAG -LL-RL-VS BMW F10 520i 2.0i ATgearbox BENCH FLASH

BMW E38 4.0i 210kW 1995 B58157 FLASH

DME8.6-B58-SP11-M0-B30-F20-ECE-EU6c HGAG-LL-RL-RWD-PVL MG1CS003 BMW F21 240i 2018Y FLEX FULL

E60 0281012754 07799855 1037376967 EDC16C35 BMW E60 2.0D MPPS ATgearbox OBD

MDG1 MD1CS001 BMW G30 2.0D B47D20O0-G01B47O0 4WW AT#S15A-17-11-520-N2 (O 8LUA2-00004092-054) FLEX BENCH FULL


O 7BUJ-00001375-064 DDE731a#C1#DST#N57D30T1-F12-13 T1 4W5 LL 1037525085 EDC17CP45 BMW F06 3.0TDI 230KW ATgearbox KTAG FULL

O 7BUW-00000C6E-006 N47D20T1-F30N47TL 1037536753 EDC17CP45 BMW F33 325D 2.0TDI 160KW 2015Y ATgearbox KTAG FULL

O 7DUU-000010E6-004 1037538408 EDC17C50 BMW F21 116D 85KW ATgearbox KTAG FULL

O 7ETJ1-00001190-053 F01N57T1 AWD EU5 F001-14-07-500-FS 1037532372 EDC17CP45 BMW F01 740d 3.0L N57D30T1 230kW ATgearbox KTAG FULL

O 7HED1-00002891-053 B47D20O0-F25B47O0 EU6 AT#F025-14-03-501-FS 1037538413 EDC17C50 BMW X3 F25 ATgearbox bench FLASH

O 7HKL0-0000287B-003 B47D20O0-F10B47O0 4W6 AT F010-17-11-490-FS 1037551473 EDC17C50 BMW F10 520Dx 2.0TDI 140KW ATgearbox KTAG FULL

O 8LUA2-00004754-054 #DME DDE802L#C4#DST#B47D20O0-G01B47O0 MD1CS001 BMW X3 2.0TDI 140KW ATgearbox BENCH FLASH

O 8PGM0-000078E4-003 #DME DDE803P#C7#DST#B47D20O1-G2x 10SW041459 MD1CS001 BMW G20 2.0TDI 165KW ATgearbox BENCH FLASH

O-7ETN0-000023F5-004 4W6A L-F010-18-03-5xx-N1 1037536510 EDC17CP45 BMW 550D N57D30S1 3.0TDI 381HP 2014Y FULL

R1C2F359B BX8 MG1CS003 BMW M240i 250BHP ATgearbox FLASH

0180551DAB 01804C09AB 01805542AA DCM3.7 CHEVROLET CRUZE 2.0 MTgearbox kess OBD

018056D9AA 01805654AD DCM3.7-B1E-UGW10F-Z20-J300-M2-118-V-ME-T-D GM Cruze 2.0D ORI+noDPF noEGR FLASH

018056D9AA 01805654AD DCM3.7-B1E-UGW10F-Z20-J300-M2-118-V-ME-T-D-110928 KTAG FULL

0261201458 96991644 96960620 ME7.9.9 CHEVROLET CAPTIVA 2.4i 2008Y ATgearbox FLASH

0261209107 92193636 1039S19276 ME9.6.1 Chevrolet Captiva 3.2i V6 ATgearbox KTAG FULL

0261209318 96878476 1039s24678 MED9.6.1 Chevrolet Captiva 3.2i 2007 FULL

0261S04706 9027828 1037397222 M7.9.71 Chevrolet Aveo 1.6L MTgearbox bdm FULL

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FULL = full (BDM, BOOT or BENCH) reading of the ECU, all the information needed to restore the ECU or clone.
FLASH = full flash.
OBD = flash (BIN file) read through obd or VR(virtual read), only maps.
SGO_OBD = Updates files.
FRF_OBD = Updates files.